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Just How Fun Can A Wedding Be?





Just How Fun Can A Wedding Be?





Just How Fun Can A Wedding Be?





Just How Fun Can A Wedding Be?





Just How Fun Can A Wedding Be?





Just how fun can a wedding be?





The Art of Photographic Serendipity

Recently, I have had two different fledgling photographers ask me with great concern why they seemed to be missing a lot of great shots at weddings.  I suspected I already knew the answer, but after some questioning it was clear that it all boiled down to a lack of experience with weddings themselves.  Each had done less than ten weddings total, one only four.  (I have seen many “wedding” photographers come and quickly go over the years.  It’s not as easy as they all seem to think.)

I explained that they did not yet fully understand the wedding itself, not just the traditional aspects of ritual and formality, but those things that one can only discern and anticipate by having been around a LOT of weddings, not to mention the many different faiths, denominations, customs, indoors, outdoors, rainy, hot, dark, etc.  This experience gives you an intuition.  A knowing.  I often know what is about to happen moments before even the participants themselves know.  Having done well over 1,000 weddings in the past 15 years has heightened my sense of anticipation.  Having a heightened sense of anticipation allows one to be ready in advance and able to capture that fleeting moment that will escape those who only realize 3 seconds after it is over what has just happened.  Anticipation allows preparation.  I never have to re-stage anything because I capture it when it actually happens.  It just looks more natural that way.  ;)

Serendipity.  Making fortunate discoveries by accident.  All very nice, but as a wedding photographer you will come away with very few great images if you are just waiting for ‘accidents’ to happen.  I’m not talking about forced or phony moments, but about being prepared.  A quote from a movie that I have always remembered – “chance favors the prepared mind”.  You will be much more apt to be able to capture those serendipitous moments if you understand weddings and what is going on around you.  You will then be able to anticipate, some times minutes ahead, but usually seconds, what is about to happen so that you are in the right position, have the right lens on the camera, the right shutter speed, the right aperture. Sadly, for those in a rush to get to the top of their field yesterday, that only comes from experience.

10% OFF Tuesdays

Tuesdays are our slowest phone day, however the studio workload is the same as the rest of the week (designing albums, processing photo orders, meetings, bridal/engagement shoots, etc.).  Restaurants are also slower on Tuesdays, I wonder why?

In order to alleviate some of the telephone pressure during the rest of the work week, we are going to test out a Tuesdays-Only offer for the month of August.

We will be offering a total package discount of 10% for those who call and book our services on any Tuesday in August (not to be combined with any other promotion).

10% – That could be as much as $3,500 OFF – or more!

Eligible dates for this offer are currently:

- August 4th

- August 11th

- August 18th

- August 25th

Office hours on Tuesdays are 9am – 6pm

Happy Birthday U.S. Coast Guard!

219 years!

ArtZ and Artefact Albums

We have been offering ArtZ™ products for over 10 years and have recently added Artefact™ products to our line.

FREE iPod Touch™ Wedding Photos

FREE iPod Touch™ (Wedding Photos Edition™) with ANY Wedding Package

Take, View and Show – ANYWHERE You Go!sm

We’re doing it again!

A FREE Apple iPod Touch™ loaded with all of your wedding photos.  Normally only included with Premium Collection packages, available for a short time only with ANY package!  OFFER EXPIRES November 9, 2009

We will load all of the photos from your wedding day on to an Apple iPod Touch™ for you to take with you everywhere you go (and your engagement photos, bridal portrait, rehearsal dinner, etc. – if we shoot those too).

A large 3.5″ widescreen will allow you to see all of your photos in an impressive way and show to your friends no matter where you go!

Free engraving of your names and wedding date included.

See also here:

iPod Touch™ Wedding Photos

Happy Birthday US Army!

US Army

US Army

To all who serve – Thank you for 234 years of service to our country!

Service and Quality Orientation

Our two main hallmarks are 1. Service and 2. Quality

We strive to give our clients top notch service.  Service that in these times is almost unexpected.  People’s expectations on service has dwindled to the point where they expect some things to go wrong and are in outright shock if nothing at all goes wrong.  We endeavor to go beyond that and actually delight our customers in how good service can actually be.

You, the customer, are our number one priority.  We do not put you one the back burner, so to speak.  So many businesses have gotten away from caring about service any longer and people are just numbers to them.  You are not a burden to us, but the reason that we exist.  It is our desire to please you and to exceed your expectations.  What we do is not all about money, but we also seek your appreciation and gratitude and love to see the look on your face when we’ve done a wonderful job for you, above and beyond what you expected.

We see quality no differently and strive to provide the best quality in terms of both what we do and the products that we provide.  We have trained and studied the art of our field to be extremely proficient on the technical aspect, so much so that we are in demand as consultants to others in our field.  And we have sought out the best products, methods and materials for what we offer in the way of tangible products to provide our clients with lasting heirlooms of their wedding memories.

It is our hope and desire to provide you with the best service and quality possible in all that we do.

Perks, Gratitude and Appreciation

We often throw in different perks to many of our brides when they first meet with us, or even after the wedding is over.  These are not things that are listed anywhere on my website, but just some extras that we may feel like giving to them when we meet in person and they select us as their photographers, or after we’ve worked with them on their wedding.

We believe in giving our customers more than they ask for, always trying to surprise them and exceed their expectations of what they will be receiving from us.

For example, last week we threw in an extra Parents album to a couple who was in the military.  We have a tremendous respect for the men and woman who serve and defend our country and always like to show our gratitude to them.

These perks do not always come in the way of free albums, but we try to do or give something special to our brides, especially when we feel that we’ve made a great connection and we’ve had a wonderful experience working with them on their weddings.

Photographing weddings is not all about money, we appreciate it when what we do is appreciated by our brides and their families.

New Packages

We like to change our packages around every now and then to keep things fresh.

We’ve created a few new ones that were put together based upon the most popular things that our brides ask for.

It seems that they either like them very simple, to include just a few things, or they want absolutely everything that we have to offer. We have so many different and wonderful things to offer that the combination of packages that could be created would be virtually endless.

So check out the new packages here. If one is close to what you want but is lacking something that you would like, we can easily customize any package just for you.

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