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Last Wedding Shot on Film!

Shot Last Wedding on Film!

I shot my last wedding on film – 8 years ago today! (12/16/2000)

I had always been a computer person (I own 18 Macs) and could always see the eventual convergence of photography and computers and ‘digital’, but it could not come fast enough for me.

I had been fooling around with digital since 1994 with personal stuff, but it wasn’t quite good enough to use for paying customers until the end of 2000. My brother was working at Olympus (later to move to Canon) and had been sending me cameras to try out (point & shoots). They were getting to the stage where I would take one on trips and use it for travel photos, but not yet for paying gigs.

Up until then I had been shooting weddings on 6.45 and 35mm. I carried two Fuji 6×45 medium format cameras (auto focus rangefinders), two Canon EOS-3 35mm cameras and a Canon AE-1 Program. (I still have the Fuji cameras and the AE-1). I would shoot 12-16 rolls of 220, 10-15 rolls (36exp) of 35mm. My shooting style has not changed much since then, but the amount of work in post has dramatically increased, however having complete control was the goal.

My brother hooked me up with an Olympus E-10 camera in late 2000. The quality was excellent, although it was a bit slow, but I saw the light that digital would soon be king. I shot a few engagement sessions and some bridals digitally, and a few test shots at weddings through the end of 2000, but not an entire wedding. That would come in January 2001. I knew that I was over using film at that point.

Storybook Wedding Photographer M. Couturier