Storybook Wedding Photographer M. Couturier

Perks, Gratitude and Appreciation

We often throw in different perks to many of our brides when they first meet with us, or even after the wedding is over.  These are not things that are listed anywhere on my website, but just some extras that we may feel like giving to them when we meet in person and they select us as their photographers, or after we’ve worked with them on their wedding.

We believe in giving our customers more than they ask for, always trying to surprise them and exceed their expectations of what they will be receiving from us.

For example, last week we threw in an extra Parents album to a couple who was in the military.  We have a tremendous respect for the men and woman who serve and defend our country and always like to show our gratitude to them.

These perks do not always come in the way of free albums, but we try to do or give something special to our brides, especially when we feel that we’ve made a great connection and we’ve had a wonderful experience working with them on their weddings.

Photographing weddings is not all about money, we appreciate it when what we do is appreciated by our brides and their families.

Storybook Wedding Photographer M. Couturier