Storybook Wedding Photographer M. Couturier
  • It’s All About Emotions

    Photographing a wedding is about capturing moments. Moments in time. Emotional moments. Individual moments that, when combined, make up the memories of an entire day.

    Tina and I approach each wedding as a new and exciting opportunity. Our innovative approach combines the timeless quality of classic wedding photography with a more modern “in the moment” style to capture the true feeling of your wedding.

    Moments…feelings…freezing time. That is just what we do. We capture the feelings of the moment like time in a bottle so that you will have them always.

  • Wedding Gallery

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  • It’s About the Destination

    We have photographed weddings all across the United States and around the world. We love to experience the culture and beauty of new places along with you and discover what it is about a place that made you fall in love with it enough to spend this most treasured day there. More info.
  • Destinations

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  • It’s About All of Your Tomorrows

    Over the past few years we have become very close to many of the couples whose joy we have shared on their wedding day. Many have asked us to record the continuing moments of joy in their life when they start a family and have children. Please enjoy our "Bumps and Babies" gallery.
  • Bumps, Babies & Beyond

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Storybook Wedding Photographer M. Couturier